Before I go into the theme for the next unit, I would like to announce that everyone did very well on the digestive system unit test.  I'm very please with the result.  :)  Keep up the good work!!!

The theme of this unit will be on Genetic and Heredity.  To begin this unit, we will first look at DNA.  What's DNA?  DNA is a long string of genetic codes in a cell.  These genetic codes are composed of chemicals building blocks called nucleotides that lined up in a specific order.  It looks something like this:


What do you notice about the structure of this DNA strand?  Yes, DNA is double stranded as the picture implies.  It is also known as the double helix structure.  I mentioned about chemicals building blocks in the DNA earlier in this entry.  Where do you think these chemical building blocks are located?  Reply your answer under the "Comments".



Minako Pan
04/04/2009 17:13

The nucleotides are in the double helix.
DNA is our genetic makeup.


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